The Endowed Book Fund provides an annual income to supplement the library system’s book budget, which in recent years has been cut drastically and is not been adequate to meet the system’s needs. Supplemental materials purchased include large print editions, audiobooks, and downloadable books for e-reader or computer enjoyment, as well as DVDs.

The State and Local History Collection in the downtown library North Carolina Room houses materials that relate to the State's historic past with a concentration on Southeastern North Carolina.You can launch your local history research there with the NHCPL Digital Archives. The Foundation provides funding for the ongoing digitization of the historic collection.

Local History Librarian Beverly Tetterton worked from 1980 until 2012 organizing and cataloging piles of historical books, documents, maps and photographs to create one of the most important historical archives in North Carolina.

The Library has a Children’s Librarian and offers a broad variety of creative educational programs for youngsters. The Foundation is currently providing funding for the development of StoryWalk, an innovative collaboration between the Library and New Hanover Parks and Gardens. Pages from a children’s picture book are posted along a walking trail in various Wilmington city parks. Children and their parents then can walk the trail, reading the pages together and interacting with the story and each other. The program promotes literacy and physical activity and addresses the County's health and education focus.

Story Extravaganza is an annual celebration of children’s literature. Library staff and volunteers from the community share performances of children’s books which are paired with early literacy tips for parents.

The Every Child Ready to Read initiative, a project of the American Library Association, gives libraries the framework for sharing strategies through which parents and early childhood teachers can easily incorporate the development of essential early literacy skills in their children’s lives. Events such as Story Extravaganza and NHCPL storytime programs explain and promote ECRR’s five core practices for early literacy and language development: talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing.

Free public access computers are available at each Library branch for users with a valid NHC library card. In addition, free classes are held regularly to teach basic computer literacy and online usage. Free Internet and Wi-Fi is also available at all locations. The Library's website provides links to specific sites for obtaining information on a variety of subjects from job searching to medical, financial, or consumer information and librarians are on hand to assist in research endeavors. The Foundation offers support for ongoing technology advancements and expansion.

During the course of the year a series of seminars, lectures, workshops, and other educational programs are held at the various branches of the library organized by the Library staff, the Friends organization, and the Foundation. Information on these is available on the News and Information page of this website and through our links to the main library site, the Friends site, and the library's email newsletter.

Founding Benefactor ($25,000 and above)

  • Mrs. David Brinkley
  • David and Cary Paynter

Founding Patron ($10,000-$24,999)

  • Neil and Linda Currie
  • Betsy Ann Olive

Founding Sponsor ($5,000-$9,999)

  • ADM Foundation
  • Adreas Foundation
  • William and Mary Clifford Boyd
  • Friends of the library
  • James and Mary Hagan
  • Mary Hatcher
  • Joe and Dene McIntosh
  • Herb and Ronna Zimmer

Founding Member ($2,500-$4,999)

  • Carmen Alonzo and Charles McNeely
  • Oscar and Jane Grant
  • Robert and Gay Mayo
  • Jack and Carol Mills
  • Tom and Mary Morris
  • Russ LaBelle and Wilmington Machinery
  • Albert and Rogene Perry
  • Alan and Sandy Pratt
  • Grace Slocum
  • Dave and Polly Sweyer
  • David and Amy Sweyer
  • Ellen Thomas

Founding Donor ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Jim and Diana Matthews
  • Durwood and Gloria Almkuist
  • Tracy McCullen
  • Tom and Alma Harris
  • Ben and Jeanette Barker
  • Herb and Gina McKim, Jr..
  • Clyde and Alyson Barnard
  • Bill and Frances McMillan
  • BB & T Bank
  • Steven and Linda Michael
  • Owen and Patricia Berg
  • Press and Nancy Millen
  • Keith and Jan Betts
  • Charles and Caroline Neal
  • Charles and Betty Boney
  • Mort and Judy Neblett
  • John and Katherine Boone
  • Adele Paynter
  • Majorie Brodie
  • Stuart Paynter
  • Adam and Sonja Brown
  • Sprague Paynter
  • Don Bullard
  • Suzanne Ruffin
  • John and Wanda Canada
  • Daniel and Shiela Saklad
  • Gary and Sharon Chadwick
  • Dorian Smith
  • John and Irene Gangemi
  • Elizabeth Stanfield-Maddox
  • Dean Gattone
  • David and Martha Thomas
  • Joe and Nan Girardi
  • Jon and Deedy Vincent
  • Jeff and Margaret Hamilton
  • Virginia Walker
  • Malcolm and Michelle Leonard
  • James E. Wallace
  • Charles and Wendy Lutz
  • Henry and Roya Weyerhauser
  • Arthur and Donna Lutz
  • Nicole Lux
  • Kelly Lux

Brad Walker, Library Advisory Board Representative

Hathia Hayes, Friends of the Library Representative

  • Endowed Book Fund
  • The North Carolina Room - Local History
  • Children's Program
  • Public Internet Access & Technology Instruction
  • Seminars, Lectures, Workshops & Events
  • Founders & Supporters
  • Board & Officers

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