Library Spotlight


Pat Bell

Library Foundation President

Writer and Editor– Former Travel Editor of Gourmet Magazine

Author of the cookbook - Food from the Family Tree

Think beyond the books.
The library is a source of inspiration, as well as information for me. Wilmington was my husband's childhood home, and when we moved here permanantly I was thrilled to discover that our County has one of the best Libraries around.  It is a center of community enrichment, not just a place to check out books. Even as the world moves toward electronic media, the library is keeping pace and will always be relevant and vital to a thriving community.



Paul Stephen

StarNews Photographer

About seven minutes after moving to Wilmington, my wife and I were standing in line to get library cards. Our journey of a lifetime, which has required very little in the way of plane tickets or luggage, began shortly thereafter, fueled by the impressive collection in the 641 section upstairs where they hide all the cookbooks. In addition to keeping us fat and happy, these tasty tomes have proven an invaluable resource for my work at the Wilmington StarNews, where I split my time working in the photography department, writing stories for the EAT section and managing the Port City Foodies blog. From historical recipes dating back to the early days of Cape Fear area settlements to globe-spanning encyclopedias of spices, wines, desserts and more, I can't remember the last time the library let me down.


Carolyn Honsinger

Growing up in a large family, I rarely had time to be alone. When I learned how to ride my bike, one of the first places I rode to was our local library about six blocks away. I would go everyday if my parents had let me. The library allowed me to dig into any subject, imagine any fantasy world, answer many questions. Coming home with stacks of books, I can remember my mother asking me if they had a limit. From The Babysitter's Club series to the National Geographic animal library, I read anything I could get my hands on. I couldn't get enough!

Now that I have three little ones of my own, I enjoy bringing them to the library and seeing how much they love browsing the titles and recognizing the books we've read together or have enjoyed with teachers. My oldest is six and already has her own library card and has started asking me how much her "limit" is, I can't help but smile. Not to mention that when we have a long car trip ahead, we can't wait to go pick out a stack of stories to take along and maybe a Disney movie or book on tape. (Definitely helps keep mom and dad's sanity on a 500 mile drive!)

The library will always be a little treasure of a place for me and now my children as well!


Rhonda Bellamy

"As a child, I loved the public library. It's where I met some of my favorite characters and was the point of departure for imaginary trips to places I've never been. As an adult, I still love the public library. Whether for work or leisure, the library remains a valuable resource that fuels the imagination."

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